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Threat intelligence designed for all OEM needs

Add value to your software and hardware with the best-of-breed web categorization.
Threat intelligence system provides unique intelligence about related domains, IP addresses, queries, and their geographical distribution to thoroughly study and analyze the information. You gain valuable situational awareness with the ability to quickly remediate threats before they cause substantial harm.

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Threat intelligence designed for all OEM needs

What you need SafeDNS for

Customizable categories

Customizable categories

Use all the features of SafeDNS and create categories for individual needs and requests. This is a quick way to expand functionality of your software and hardware with no huge investments.

Big database

Big database

The company’s technology is based on resolving DNS queries and its database of all visible parts of the internet. SafeDNS Categorization Database is certified for three years by the world-renowned testing laboratory AV- Comparatives. SafeDNS blocks near-perfect 99.8% of adult content with zero false positives.

Regular updates

Regular updates

No non-existing resources in Categorization DB. Only relevant information with daily updates, which allows us to constantly increase our resource base.

Ideal for

Software products

Software products

DLP & DPI systems, firewalls, antiviruses, content filters, parental control systems and the like.

Networking hardware

Networking hardware

Proxy servers, web gateways.

Websites with a large amount of third-party links

Websites with a large amount of third-party links

Online forums & chats, social media sites, advertising systems

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Zero Trust Network Architecture is a good investment against stolen data and network threats. Use our product with your additional security services and make your product ZTNA.

Content filtering

Decide which categories of content to block or allow on their network among 61 categories of all visible part of the internet our web filtering solution has to offer.


Compliance and regulation filler. Comply with regulation concerning blocking resources deemed illegal, harmful, and dangerous by the authorities.

High precision database using AI & ML

Our AI & ML automatically categorize internet resources and detect malicious ones, which allows SafeDNS to instantly prevent all threats to your data and network.

Cat API cloud based

  • Cloud-based REST
  • Categorization API is fastest and simplest way to integrate the database information
  • Database will be located on our servers
  • Doesn’t add any pressure on your hardware
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  • Quick deployment
  • Integration with your hardware
  • Database will be located on your local servers
  • Preferable with 50k users and above
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Dovado sought to add value to its networking hardware by improving cyber security for its users

Dovado said about the release of the SafeDNS enhanced router, "We’ve introduced a really nice and simple parental control solution we know parents are going to love! Simply insert your SafeDNS login credentials into the router and surf in peace".

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William C.

Senior Systems Administrator

"Excellent protection against malicious websites. Easy to set up and configure and protects malicious sites with harmful coding. Applocker is also a great feature."